Your definition of success is about to become your reality…

Your definition of success is about to become your reality…

Succeeding on your own terms and turning your genius personality and ideas into money making machines sounds pretty appealing in theory… but the reality of it feels pretty different.

Every time you sit down to simply think about where to start – you feel stuck.

The doubts creep in, the ideas aren’t flowing, and the selling sleaze feels overwhelming.

Perhaps you’re reading this after another another day in the office, another week of the rat race.  You feel unfulfilled, exhausted, overworked, and bored. While you have what others may deem an ‘enviable career’, you feel like there is something missing.

The corporate career may have been an obvious option upon leaving university, yet when its demands kick in, our passions, hobbies, and health are the first to take a hit.

You know you’re ready for a change, yet you feel like you have so many obstacles to overcome. You ask yourself whether it is even possible to create personal and financial freedom, make a real difference, and still replace and surpass your corporate income. Mental images of failing, of putting something out there and hearing crickets, and having to resign yourself to the rat race forever might even flash through your mind.

I can absolutely relate to every single one of those crippling thoughts. I felt like I did not have the knowledge, expertise, time, resources, or connections I needed to make this happen. In fact it took me a while to spring into action despite knowing I was meant for more. And now that I’m on the other side, I want to tell you with confidence that transitioning from a dull cubicle to a fulfilling business doing something that you love without the strain of long and late working hours, a stressful or boring environment, and the rigidity of schedules and tasks, is absolutely possible. You deserve better than only tolerating what you do. You have big dreams and you’re ready to make your mark and have a real impact, without looking back and regretting the years you spent surrounded by people who didn’t “get you” and rules that seemed so pointless.

You know your worth – but making your mark in the digital space is no piece of cake… if only they had taught you this stuff at school.

You’re a smart cookie. You’re ready to reveal your genius. To kick the fears to the curb, clearly define and put out a vision that you’re not only proud of, but that actually gets clients flocking to you like bees to honey.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if starting a business was no longer filled with dread, sweaty palms, and endless late nights? (Well, I admit, regardless of who you are, normally starting something new can feel a little scary and overwhelming!) If instead it was the result of being authentically you in your corner of cyberspace, and allowed you to:

Finally quit your 9-5

Embrace consistent clients and true financial security

Set your own goals and know exactly how to achieve them with a repeatable tried and true process

Make your first 4 figure, then 5 figure months with ease, and implement a scalable roadmap to limitlessly grow your income + impact from there and fulfill your sky-high ambitions

Work with absolute dream clients without ever worrying about where the next one is coming from because you’ve set up automated marketing and are even getting referrals

Create a personal brand you’re proud of — one that sets you apart

Spoil yourself to a new LBD and take your family out to the best restaurant in town

Go for a spontaneous 3 hour lunch or yoga class in the middle of the day

Travel to the destinations that have been on your bucket list for years — taking your laptop with you

What if the Paypal notifications popped up on your screen multiple times a day like clockwork, because you are unapologetically you and have put out your gifts to the world?

You’re in the right place. You crave real impact, you have big dreams – and you’re ready for an equally big breakthrough.

Let’s face it… you’ve had enough watching everybody’s success from the sidelines. It seems like every website you turn to, the branding is on point, the copy is enticing… and the 6 figure badge of honour is staring you in the face… reminding you that your business has been nowhere (literally and figuratively) and your path is from from  streamlined and effortless like the one you see from the girl smiling at you from her glamorous beach photoshoot.

You deserve streamlined and effortless. And guess what? All of that is possible, but the truth is that most people take the long path to success. They fumble and guess at what will work instead of getting the answer. They spend years comparing and only dreaming. Getting there is so taxing, right?

Wouldn’t it be easier if you had a blueprint showing you the exact strategies to get to where you want to be, create a unique brand you’re proud of, smash through the fears and the doubts, and replace your corporate income with ease?

What if I told you that instead of being frustrated, overwhelmed, and stuck with analysis paralysis, you could stop wondering when it’s finally going to be happening for you? That you could have the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for imminently – the one that brings in money and clients on rinse and repeat – and finally takes you from struggling business owner to CEO of your dream empire?
Sounds great, but how?! – you ask?

I’m giving you years of experience crafting strategy and digital marketing plans for successful businesses and empowering entrepreneurial women, just like you, to design and create a life that supports their dreams of financial and personal freedom – whilst making the impact they crave. The secret sauce magic (I say that but it’s not actually rocket science) that has taken me from stuck to unstoppable, enabled me to double my corporate salary, quit my 9-5, make my first 5 figure month, and grow consistently since. The knowledge and roadmap I’ve developed from working with the crème de la crème leaders in the industry, which has enabled my clients to make their first $10k, quit the jobs that drained them, get invited to speak at panels in front of hundreds of entrepreneurs, make their first sale after months of struggling on their own, match and far surpass their corporate income, and so much more.


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  • Working with Marie has proven to be an enriching process: by breaking down issues into clear strategic opportunities, she brings unique value add. Whenever facing difficult business decisions, Marie is always someone I can turn to for honest and decisive advice. Exchanging opinions, ideas or setbacks with her lead to such constructive conversations which aided me in bringing clarity to my thoughts and a direction to my objectives. I confidently recommend her to anyone aiming to turn their passions into viable ventures.

    Claire London
  • With Marie I gained confidence to move forward in my business. Marie walked me through specific action steps and expansion tactics that I could easily implement right away to see immediate traction and expansion online. By showing me how to take action quickly, and in bite-size segments, Marie helped me get over overwhelm and start taking big strides forward.

    Camilla Denver
  • Marie has been a key player in my professional and personal development recently. Very few are able to dive so deeply into my concerns, understand them so well and give such actionable advice. Her maturity, impartiality and reliability make her a extremely valuable person to share opinions and questions with. I was impressed with the quick results I got, as well as her responsibility and dedication while working with me and I could not recommend her more.

    Geraldine London
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