4 steps to get rid of overwhelm and confusion in business (and life)

Have you ever got into a funk of feeling lost, confused and frustrated? You feel like nothing is going your way no matter how hard you try. Finally you move past one problem and the next one appears. Occasionally, it happens to us all. No matter what we do, nothing seems to work; the result is a feeling of being stuck. You wonder what you are doing wrong, and why everything feels so challenging. Here are a few tips to get unstuck:

1. Get clear on what you really want

Oftentimes, we can’t get focused and don’t see results because our mind does not know what it is working towards. If you don’t have absolute clarity on what you really want, and are not able to visualize the outcome, how can you expect your brain to know what to do? Start here! Get really clear on every single one of your desires! Have very specific goals! Spend time figuring this out for yourself, without being influenced by others’ paths! This is your journey. What lights you up is entirely up to and unique to you. That’s pretty empowering, right? Don’t let any barriers, blocks, or doubts about what is possible get in the way! Focus on what is working. Everything that is not, can be changed.

2. Get support!

If you’ve been stuck, doing the same thing over and over will not get you any different results. It seems obvious, yet many of us get stuck in the trap of being scared to invest or get the help we need to move onto the next level, when support is actually exactly what we need. You’re not supposed to be figuring everything out alone. We are meant for interaction and are always stronger together. Putting off getting help or not reaching out to your mentor is most likely the one thing that is keeping you from achieving your dreams; waiting any longer will only make the journey more painful. If you knew exactly what to do, had all the guesswork removed, and just executed and focused on your zone of genius knowing that whatever actions you take will get you the results you want, how would things change for you?

3. Take small steps forward, no matter what!

I say it often, but I truly believe that clarity comes from engagement and taking action. I have seen the difference for myself. I had spent months ruminating on an idea that wasn’t going anywhere. When I finally did try it out (although not yet perfect, not yet 100% clear), then and only then did I start to get the clarity I had been longing for. Something that had been a source of overthinking and frustration suddenly became so obvious – a no brainer that I felt totally confident about. No matter what is going on, you have to keep pushing forward. You have to take small steps every day, no matter how insignificant. When you look back, all those small steps will have turned into something big and the only regret you’ll have is not having started sooner.

4. Focus on the positive!

What you focus on is what grows and what you attract more of. It’s easy to get caught up in a downward spiral of negativity and victimhood. Unfortunately that won’t get you anywhere. Celebrate the successes you’ve already had, celebrate what is already working! Put things into perspective! So many people would love to have an online business, but don’t even have Internet access. Your attitude rubs off on everybody around you – including your community and clients. You can’t expect to attract your dream clients if you’re in a negative funk. Surround yourself with positivity, and channel all that energy you used to dedicate to negativity into personal development, improving and growing your business.

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