5 apps that will enable your business to thrive

Any girlboss knows that productivity and efficiency are at the top of the list when it comes to smashing goals… so why not make the most of savvy tools that were built to help us achieve just that?!

Here are my top picks (all completely free) that have effectively boosted my business and the quality of my lifestyle as a result.

1. Evernote

This note taking space is available on desktop and phone, enabling you to jot down any thoughts, ideas, and action points from anywhere. I often get ideas at the most random moments, so I love being able to turn to Evernote and jot it down before I forget or lose track! I also love it for keeping my Instagram hashtags in one place. I then just have to copy paste as a comment. It’s easy to switch from one device to another with the automatic synching which enables you to view edits and the latest updates at any time. You can organise all your notes into folders and directly copy text from others apps. The search function is brilliant for locating any note you misfiled. You can share with anyone, and even create groups with members of your team.

2. Later

 This app is a great tool for scheduling all your Instagram posts in advance, from your laptop or mobile. It’s really easy to upload pictures (you can bulk upload directly from a computer), drag and drop them anywhere in the calendar grid, and write a caption. You can create groups of images, and it keeps track of which images you have already used and which ones are available to turn into a post. It’s a great way to preview all your content and check that your theme and branding are consistent. As Instagram does not allow third party apps to post automatically, it simply sends you a push notification at the schedule time. You just have to copy the caption and it redirects you to Instagram directly. so y  Your post is up in a matter of seconds. You can also easily search old posts and repost them (great for popular blog content for instance).

3. Collabor8

An amazing way to grow your Instagram phenomenally and gain quality traffic is through collaborations (I discuss this and other social media strategies to grow your following quickly in my free training. (You can check it out here). Collabor8 is a really intuitive app which lets you view both influencers and brands that you can collaborate with (through giveaways, shout-outs, blog post features, and more). You can easily browse your target collaboration partners by filtering (number of followers, industry, location), request a collaboration with just about anyone, and then keep track of your requests. It’s easy to chat directly in the chat and organise your collab details.

5 apps to grow your business

4. Canva

Canva is an amazing design tool which allows anybody to create beautiful, on brand, designs, from social media posts, to ads, to inforgraphics, to email headers, to posters, to invitations, and the list goes on. You can pick from a variety of templates or just start your own from scratch, upload any images you want to use or use their available stock photos at low cost, add icons, shapes, frames, text, charts. Until very recently, it was only available on a desktop or laptop, but they have recently launched an iPhone app which is amazing for creating on the go. I love the resize tool which allows you to resize one design to any format you need, (e.g. instagram photo, A4, email header, Facebook cover, etc.

5. Pocket

Any girlboss is constantly reading a tons of great content online, some of which you don’t necessary have time to read now, or read and love so much that you want to be able to refer to it later. Pocket is an amazing way of keeping track of any page. You simply save to your pocket, and can add tags and organise by folders to be able to quickly find anything you need later on. It also gives you recommendations that may interest you based on other articles you have saved. You can also save images and videos, and archive any material you don’t need immediately. You can save from anywhere, such as your browser but also from apps like Twitter or Feedly, and everything is automatically synched across your devices. You can also view articles offline (super handy for plane journeys or commuting!)

I hope you enjoy these apps! Let me know your thoughts if you already use any of them or just download them now – what impact are they having on you?

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  • Paula

    I had not heard of Collabor8 so I’m excited to look it up – thank you for sharing this list!

  • Sabrina

    These are great! I use them all except Collabor8, will definitely check this out. Thanks for sharing!

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