Never settle for anything less than your wildest dreams…

Never settle for anything less than your wildest dreams…

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 I know sometimes it feels like an unachievable goal to make your thriving business and lifestyle something real and concrete – because you truly want it all – but I can promise you that your dream venture and personal freedom are closer than ever before.

I’m Marie, and I’m a business & marketing consultant, for you – the female entrepreneur who is ready to smash through the barriers and create a cash-catapulting business entirely on her own terms.

Perhaps you’ve already accomplished a lot – and are told you should be grateful for what you have – but still know you want more.

I know what it’s like. I don’t have a rags to riches story, and in fact, from the outside, my life looked pretty great before I started my business. I had the well paid job, the perfect boyfriend, and the London life I had been dreaming of… After all, I had always done my very best to meet and surpass expectations on the path that had been laid out for me: get excellent grades, get a top honours bachelors, get a masters at one of the world’s top leading business schools, and get a prestigious corporate job… where I was meant to keep climbing the never-ending, soul-crushing, ladder. The reality is I was avoiding past pain and my truth by working hard and creating success that looked good from the outside. 

 I spent so many days frustrated with myself for not knowing what I was meant to do in life, for working so hard yet feeling miserable. I did not understand why I was doing everything right, yet still felt inadequate and insatiable. I had already struggled with an episode of burnout during business school, healing from abuse, and it got to a point where enough was enough.

I finally realized that I was the only one who could change my circumstances. I could stay stuck, or I could commit to becoming unstoppable and create my own reality and success. I had to take bold action if I wanted bold change. And I was ready for it.

But even when I committed to life on my own terms, things were not effortless.

Now it’s in my second nature to invest in my business, and to focus on the value rather than on the cost, because I’ve made returns back tenfold.  But it was not always like that: in fact, it was frankly terrifying to part with my hard-earned salary to invest in my business, even though deep down inside I knew I had to take one step backwards financially to move ten steps forward.

I now know that working harder does not equate to working smarter, and that Arianna Huffington’s quote,

We think, mistakenly, that success is the result of the amount of time we put in at work, instead of the quality of time we put in

holds so much truth… But when I was just starting my business I had so many moments of overwhelm and stress, when I felt it was not happening for me and might take me years, when I spent long hours working into the night to work on my business after a long 12 hour day at work, just to begin again the next day getting up early to build my business before even going to my day job.

I now have unwavering confidence in the value that I provide for my clients, in the results that I get them, and know I am infinitely qualified to serve them… but for months I struggled with impostor syndrome, wondering why somebody would ever buy from me, feeling ridiculous for even thinking this was possible for me.

I now know that that you can’t listen to your doubters. That you can’t believe a prediction that doesn’t empower you. That you have to believe in yourself so much that you’re totally comfortable with people calling you disillusioned.

That you can only control your own stuff, and that everything outside is not in your control. But it was not always the case – and despite incredible support from all those who matter most to me, and from the amazing community I have created with my business, I had my share of people trying to bring me down, and spent an awful lot of time worrying about what others thought. And I was secretly afraid that they might actually be right – that without piles of money, an incredible network, or unlikely luck – it was not really possible for me.

… Yet throughout all those challenges, the fear of not taking action on behalf of my dreams was already stronger. The thought of coasting along for years and looking back only to be filled with regret, to have lived a life full of “What ifs” was enough for me to push through the fears and the doubts. Because all along I knew deep inside that I was meant for more than the path I had relied on somebody else to create for me, and that it was time to step into my power to create my own path, no matter what it took.

You’re here to share your message. To create your own revolution. To build your own legacy.

And I’m here to tell you that it’s entirely possible for you.

There is nothing special about me on paper. I just kept moving forward, kept taking persistent action, and kept reaching out for support when I needed it. Now I run a thriving business that has way exceeded my expectations on all levels. After making my first $5k week before leaving my job and then my first 5 figure month the month I quit my job, I now consistently far surpassed what I earned in corporate (and what would have taken me years and years of working for somebody else to achieve). I work with amazing driven and like minded women (literally dream clients) who are up to big things and get to witness their amazing transformations as they book their very first clients after months of struggling alone, bring in their first $10k, quit their jobs, get invited to speak at start-up events, and bust through the fears holding them back. I have a flexible lifestyle that allows me to set my own schedule, travel and work from anywhere, go for a yoga class, a spontaneous shopping spree, or a long lunch in the middle of the day if I so please. I’ve been featured in publications like the Huffington Post, YFS, Mindbodygreen, and more. And I wake up excited every day because I know my potential for growth is unlimited, and I know I can achieve anything I set my mind to (no sacrifices included).

This is not just about me… it’s want I want for you too.

Watch my free masterclass: 5 Steps To A 5-Figure Month Service-Based Business. Learn the exact strategies I used to build a purposeful business, create real impact, double my corporate salary and reach 6-figures and beyond – and how you can too.

I’m so passionate about empowering driven entrepreneurial women to reconnect with their true purpose and mission, because I felt disconnected from mine for so long. I had a huge passion… horses and showjumping, which also happened to be an (extremely) expensive hobby. So I always thought my only option was to work as hard as I could in corporate, and become a leader of a big corporation. But it was a catch 22: the harder I worked, the less time I had for my real passion and for what mattered most to me. I realized this pretty quickly as I had to sell my horse within months of starting my first job, as I had absolutely no time to ride. I was devastated: I had worked my entire life to get to this point, only to find out that making the money I wanted to be making and having a flexible lifestyle appeared to be completely incompatible. There had to be another way. I realized that the goal I had set up for myself was not truly what I wanted at all. Even if I kept being promoted and made it to the top, I’d be missing out on what I actually wanted to be doing.

Could I truly envision a future full of endless meetings, late nights, cancelled dinners with friends, no family time, and certainly no horses – all to work to build up somebody else’s success? It was scary to completely shift paths, but I had to go all in because I truly did not have another option.

If you’re waiting for permission to take the leap – here is your sign.

I don’t just want success for myself – I want to create a revolution. I want to empower you to tap into the magic that is already inside of you, so you can be paid to be authentically yourself as a coach, consultant, or service-based entrepreneur, rather than to be a copy of another corporate robot. The world needs you to stand up for what you believe in, rather than for you to force yourself to fit another person’s mold.


This is not about fluffy dreams. It’s about concrete, persistent action, leveraging the very best strategies and tactics, the power of digital marketing, to showcase your very own message to the world, and attract a tribe that 100% stands behind what you stand for.

If you’re ready to step into your power and create a business that supports your overarching vision for impact as well as financial & personal freedom, here’s your answer.

A few things you might not know about me…

1. I am Half-French, Half-American

I was in born in Germany, raised in Paris, now call London my home. I am a true “third-culture” kid, speak three languages (and a half… my attempts are learning Russian were somewhat unsuccessful) and have always thrived in very multi-cultural environments. I love the openness and diversity that come with international surroundings and learning from a multitude of unique perspectives and cultures.

2. I am a former international show-jumper

Sport has always been a huge part of my life having participated in a number of competitive sports growing up (swimming/ gymnastics). However, my true passion quickly became show-jumping which was nearly a full-time hobby for many years. I love not only the adrenaline but also the powerful connection between horse and rider.

3. I am an introvert

I am definitely an “I” on the Myers-Briggs scale. I certainly love spending time with friends, going out, girls tips, and so on… But my time alone is also so important to me and energizes me. I’ve also had to work to overcome blocks such a fear of visibility, and still do mindset work every day.

4. I am an exercise class junkie

I have become thoroughly obsessed by the range of boutique fitness classes London now has to offer … from HIIT to pilates to yoga to barre. I do not discriminate and absolutely love the endorphins I get from working out. My favorites include Heartcore, Kobox, 1Rebel, Core Collective, and Frame.

5. I am a food lover

Whilst it may seem a bit cliché to call oneself a “foodie”, I certainly love food, experimenting with new recipes, as well as eating out and testing the amazing London restaurant scene. My favourite thing to cook is a quick quinoa prawn avocado mango goats cheese salad, and my favourite London restaurant is…. ohhh so hard to pick… possibly impossible. Perhaps Granger for brunch and Donostia for dinner.

6. I am travel obsessed

There is nothing like immersing oneself in a completely new environment and exploring the world. There is so much to see and our planet never ceases to amaze me. Building a lifestyle that makes travel possible is therefore pivotal to me. My best friend lives in New York so that is one of my favourite places to go. My most recent destinations have been Iceland and Vietnam, both breathtaking and unique experiences in their own ways.

Professional Bio

Marie is a half-French, half-American entrepreneur and business consultant. She helps new coaches, consultants, and online service-based business owners to build and market a business that generates 5-figures per month in profit and beyond. She helps them let go of past blocks holding them back, tap into their existing skill-set and ambition to make real impact, and believes no woman should have to make a trade-off between a successful business and a flexible lifestyle that allows her to prioritize what matters most to her. She has made it her overriding mission to weaken the sharp discrepancy between those aspiring to start a business and those who actually decide to take the plunge and see results. 

 She grew up in Paris, before moving to the UK obtaining a first class honours Bsc International Business from Warwick Business School (Ranked #2 University for Business in the UK) and a Msc Management from London Business School (Ranked top business school in Europe by the Financial Times).

She specialised in digital marketing, coaching, and entrepreneurship across her business education and learnt from the top professors in these fields. She started her career in strategy consulting, working across Europe and the US, advising FTSE 100 companies and private equity firms on their most complex business problems and working on projects including growth strategies, due diligence, and digital marketing strategies.

Marie is passionate about empowering women worldwide to build a successful and impactful business whilst designing a lifestyle entirely on their own terms. She has worked with and been trained by the leaders in the industry, including Emily Williams, Amy Porterfield, Marie Forleo, Stephanie Nickolich, Christina Jandali, Lauren Vanessa Zink, Dani Watson, and Jacqueline Hurst. She has been published in the Huffington Post, mindbodygreen, YFS Magazine and more.

She loves spending time outdoors (preferably on a horse), trying out London’s best boxing classes and brunches, wine nights with friends, and escapes with her fiancé on the Welsh coast and around the world.

Dreaming of building and growing a thriving business and life that fits your own definition of success? Apply for a complimentary Breakthrough Session below and let’s chat.