Feel like you don’t have enough time in the day to get it all done?

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 1. Take pressure and judgment out of the equation

The first step really is to get your mindset right. Whenever I start putting unnecessary pressure on myself and set unreasonable deadlines, it has a negative knock down effect on all of my work. It causes stress that it not rooted in anything except my own thoughts! Keep your why in mind – chances you are not running your own business to find yourself with a mean and unsatisfied boss! The same goes for judgment: make yourself completely unavailable for those thoughts. In moments of stress, old phrases and overused thoughts (e.g. “I’m not good enough”) will easily resurface. Flip those into positivity instantly and get your sass back!

2. Focus on one thing

Focusing all of your brainpower and efforts on one thing really is the key to success. It’s not an easy thing to do – as entrepreneurs we tend to be passionate about learning! It’s so tempting to do yet another free training, or try a new tactic you’ve just heard about – without ever seeing it through properly. You should have one main goal at a time that you are working on. Especially if you are still in your 9-5 and side hustling, make sure you are prioritizing and making your objectives relate to revenue generating tasks. Set yourself clear yearly goals, six-month goals, three-month goals, monthly goals (could be in the form of income or any other milestone you wish to achieve) and break that down into time goals.

3. Work backwards and figure out all the tasks that need to be done to achieve this goal

Your actually approach and plan needs to be aligned to your goals to see success. Once you have the goals, break them down into all the actions you need to take to achieve them. For example, I map out a marketing plan that has actions I need to check off daily.  Additionally, I have weekly actions. Having a clear list directly linked to my goals makes it easier to be productive as I don’t waste time figuring what to do next.

4. Eliminate tasks in your do list that don’t align with that goal

Check your list and delete any tasks that are not directly linked to your goal. This ensures you are staying laser focused on what matters and are truly maximizing the time you have. The next step is to look at all of the tasks and consider whether you really need to be doing all of these yourself. If not, consider outsourcing. For example, tweaking your website or posting on social media might take your hours – but it might only take a VA one. In this case, it’s worth investing in help. The ROI of the activities you are prioritizing and you are good at will by far make up for it. Again, it’s a case of not trying to do it all at once and instead on leveraging your expertise and skillset rather than being a mediocre jack-of-all-trades. This could mean outsourcing tasks unrelated to your business (e.g. a cleaner if that frees up an extra few hours in your week)

5. Be resourceful – how bad do you want it?

There is always a reason not to do the work if you let it be that way. Let’s face it, we all have a million things to do, a gazillion social commitments, family commitments, our latest Netflix episode etc. etc. It’s all a matter of prioritization. I’m not saying you should give up everything that makes you happy – that is certainly not sustainable. But if you want to see success in your business – you have to put in the work. Nobody can do it for you. This might mean picking and choosing or compromising in some cases. Can you wake up an hour earlier? Can you free up one of your weekend days entirely to focus on your business? If you want it badly enough, there are ways to make it work, no matter what your circumstances are.  Focus on your goal, put in the work, and eliminate the negativity.


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  • Cori

    Drawing out my day, literally paper, starting at 7 am and going until 9 pm, with half-hour increments, has helped me not over do it during the day. I can literally see what open space I have during the day to schedule something. That’s helped me.

  • Sabrina

    Thank you so much for sharing these tips. I can’t tell you how often I feel like I don’t get anything simply because I add too much to my to do list and because I don’t focus on one task at a time. I will really have to make some changes and your tips are so helpful! Thank you so much for sharing!

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