Becoming THAT woman

I remember waiting to become the woman I wanted to be…


I did this for years. Waiting until I got the perfect job. Waiting until I weighed the perfect weight. I would delay dreams, not buy the things I wanted, turn down invitations to nights out, amazing events, incredible trips… because it was not yet my time yet. I didn’t feel ready yet. I didn’t feel confident in my skin yet.


My life was full of “when…. then….”. Until I decided, enough was enough. I could not just waste my life away like this. It was a reality I would have preferred to ignore, but I had to face it: waiting was never going to get me anywhere. If anything, it was just making things worse. I was digging myself a hole as I became increasingly miserable… and increasingly far from the person I wanted to be.


Starting to become that woman now, just as I was, just as imperfect as I was, was the only way forward.

And I have to say… there is something pretty powerful about becoming the woman you want to be. And perhaps when you read that sentence, you think right yes, I will become her in the future (and you might feel very far away from her now). But’s that not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about being that woman RIGHT now.


Maybe you’ve heard it before “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have”. Well this is your chance. You have the opportunity to completely reinvent yourself, whenever you want. I’m not saying you need to change completely or force yourself to become somebody you’re not or copy what others are doing. But you can absolutely change what is holding you back, or those traits that don’t serve you and that you don’t want to be known for.


Embarking on a new journey of transformation, particularly the one of building your business, means you can adopt a new way of living and thinking, and refuse to settle for anything less than what you truly deserve or want.


Perhaps you feel like:

  • your confidence is low
  • you don’t feel like you’re worthy or good enough
  • you aren’t very good in a social context or at public speaking
  • you settle for things when you know you want more
  • you agree to things you don’t actually want to do
  • you care too much about what others think …


Well this your chance to change any of these traits (or any others) and replace them with new and positive ones. You absolutely can be the woman you want to be now already. It does not mean pretending, faking it, forcing it, or feeling inauthentic.

It’s just about being clear on who you want to become.

Rather than putting pressure on yourself to find what you are meant to do – think about who you are meant to be.

What does that woman do every day? What is her morning routine? What does she read? How does she carry herself in front of others? How much time does she spend on Facebook? How does she act differently than the current you in certain situations? How does she run her business? How does she make decisions? How quickly does she take action and commit? What results does she get?

Start making decisions like the woman you want to be. It’s the fastest way to get there. No need to wait until it’s all perfect. Every time you feel a negative trait coming back (e.g. feeling like you’re not good enough) – remind yourself of the woman you want to be. What would she do?

Only you can decide what the best you is. And only you can actually become her. Without waiting a minute longer. Start acting that way. Integrate that woman in your affirmations. Say things as they already are and become more and more familiar with this woman you want to become.

Act as if, the rest will follow too. You will start to become her. Believe you can and you’re half way there.

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