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My last blog post examined the importance of your About Page: sharing your story and the key elements that shouldn’t be overlooked.

But sharing insights about yourself and your story won’t alone lead to sales. For that, you need a dedicated Sales Page, one that puts forth your services or products – and clearly outlines everything your potential customer needs to know including what benefits she can expect if she buys. Your Sales Page is pivotal in getting you cash and consistent clients.

Your Sales Page should clearly present and describe your services or products, but the determining feature describes benefits and results. You are providing your customer with a solution to their problem, to their deepest pain point. You need to show them how you are going to take them from where they are (now) to where they want to be.

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Your ideal customer is tossing and turning at night.

You have the solution. Tell your potential customer what to do next!

You need to hold their hand and talk them through why this is for them, tell them what their next step will be.  This is your super-specific, non sugar-coated, Call to Action. The Sales Page should grab their attention, but it should do more than that.  It must clearly communicate that you understand exactly where they are coming from, how you relate to them, and how they can go from frustration to desired outcome.  

Be empathetic, but sincere! Share your story if it expresses something your potential customer may relate to, where you were and how your solution solved your problem or frustration.

 Try this before and after exercise! Write out what a day in the life of your ideal client may look like, before working with you or buying your product, and what it will/could look like after they have used your solution.  Break that day down into steps:

(before) snoozing that alarm multiple times while a feeling of anxiety and dread kicks in at the prospect of yet another unfulfilling day , continuing with a sweaty commute… to

(after) hopping out of bed excited to spend another day doing something meaningful, in line with your purpose, connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs, and guest-speaking at a conference. ..


(before) feeling out of breath going up a set of stairs and grabbing that doughnut when the afternoon lull kicks in .. to

(after) feeling the fittest you have ever been and finally showing off that dream body.

The more specifically you define your ideal customers needs, the easier it will be to build trust, rapport and demonstrate that you have the solution they’ve been looking for. 

Know your client – by using your voice, you address theirs

Don’t hesitate to use your voice – and your client’s voice. You should be talking the way you would if you were having coffee together, rather than defaulting to complicated, corporate jargon that may alienate your potential client. If you know your ideal client inside and out, you will be able to use the phrases, complaints, and questions to address their concerns and provide that life-improving solution.  Are you clear about how they can expect their lives to improve?  What are you offering exactly and how does it work?

Spicing it up

Spice up your sales page by adding a sense of urgency! The time for this offer could be limited, there may be only a few spots left in your programme, your product could be rare. Once you have built trust, bringing in a dimension of urgency encourages a client who may be indecisive or on the fence to go for it – they don’t want to be missing out!

Take your sales page to the next level by sharing social proof, or testimonials! If people are not familiar with you, the know-like-trust factor might not be developed. You need to give them a reason to believe you are credible, the right person for them.  Why should they believe you? Showing them examples of results others have had by working with you  is a great way to address this. Trust and transparency are critical in reassuring your prospect that you want to help them make the RIGHT decision. Case studies and success stories, potentially a guarantee or refund policy, are essential in reinforcing this.

Finally, remember aesthetics are key to strengthening your message and sense of professionalism. Use great photos, change the font sizes, bold, play with layout, and make sure all the content is on brand. Check out the Website Quick Start Kit, which I used to build my site, for a clean and entirely customizable website at a fraction of the cost of a designer.

If you need support getting crystal clear on your message and offering as well as in developing killer copy that will get your leads to buy right now? Get in touch!


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