My “go get’em” award

When I was 12, I attend a summer riding camp. At the end of camp, awards were given out. I remember my pride when I was awarded the “Go get-em” prize! I got a ribbon and a diploma and felt over the moon about it. Why was I given this award? Beyond the fact that it was a cute way to show recognition and encourage kids at the camp, it was because of my unstoppable drive, my desire to push myself to do better, and because I constantly went out of my way to help others. I was not the best rider. I was not the most experienced rider. But I kept trying. I faced my fears to try new things, ride different horses, jump higher than ever before. I believe this character is a main factor in the success I see in my business today. There is a lot to say about grit as it’s truly the most important element in achieving all you put your heart to. Building a business is not impossible; it’s not that hard. You can figure out all the tactics and strategies to make it happen and get all the support you need to guide you along the way. So you certainly don’t have to be the smartest or the most experienced. All you need is passion and perseverance; that ability to keep pushing, learning, and growing no matter what

Ask yourself: How badly do you want it? Will you let fear or limiting beliefs or overused stories get in your way? Will you give up when things get hard or when your results aren’t what you expected?  Are you prepared to put in the work until you get there?

When I set myself a goal, I feel like I have no other choice but to pursue it. I have to overcome the blocks I face, I have to correct course, but I can’t imagine just throwing in the towel. That being said, another great quality of successful entrepreneurs is the ability to adapt and change their plan. There is no point following a strategy that is not working! Changing direction or adapting a plan is not quitting; it’s shortening your path to success. Grit is stamina, passion, and perseverance, not stubbornness!

Everybody, regardless of their IQ or even EQ – can achieve anything they set their mind to if they commit themselves to it and persist with grit. All of my clients that put in the work see results. It all boils down to taking action.

I think it’s important to highlight another dimension of grit: you need to be in it for the long term. Grit is not a quick fix scheme. It’s not a strategy where you work yourself to the bone and burn out. It’s about adopting that long-term view and finding the balance that works for you. You need to be adaptable and passionate enough to keep going, to give yourself the time you need to evolve, develop yourself, and create.  It’s fantastic to adopt a “go get ‘em” attitude, but it’s equally important to remain humble, take things at your own pace, and get the help, support and mentorship you need. Your journey is a marathon not a sprint, so try to savor each moment and celebrate each success as it comes.  No matter what, stick with it. When you feel like giving up, oftentimes you’re at that point that comes just before huge success, like a kettle that is about to boil.

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