The secret sauce to reaching consistent 5-figure months

Here’s the truth: there is no secret sauce. I could try to give you a formula, but it relies on a multitude of factors and most importantly a rock solid foundation to your business.


But as I was reflecting on the difference between before hitting the 5-figure month mark and after, a few points came to mind. These elements were invaluable in getting me there and the top factors I attribute my success to.


  1. My mindset was rock solid and my belief in myself unwavering.


I used to be the most logical and anti-woo woo person ever. That pattern was ingrained in me through my education, my background in corporate, and generally my logical brain. When I worked in strategy consulting, my work was grounded in data and analysis. There was not so much room for mindset work. Yet I’m now a firm believer that mindset is the most important piece when it comes to building a successful business (and reaching milestone and new levels like the 5-figure month mark).


The reason for this is that I’ve seen the results. I embarked on a true transformative journey in terms of overcoming my limiting beliefs. Letting go of what I thought was achievable or realistic, and stepping into what I really wanted. More importantly, I learned to keep believing and trusting in the process no matter what. If you don’t have that belief in yourself, it’s too easy to give up, think you’re not on the right track, stop being as consistent, think you’re missing something special that everybody else has.


And it’s most critical to have a deeply rooted success mindset when things are not going to great. That’s when it’s time to stay high-vibe, keep showing up, and keep putting in the work. You don’t want to stop right before your miracle. You don’t want to  give up right before the kettle is about to boil. Actually, the month before that was a not-so-great month in my business. I could easily have floundered, thought this is not working, and fell into a low-vibe. But because of all the mindset work, I knew everything was happening exactly as it should. The success I desired was on it’s way to me.


And sure enough, I made $15k that month with ease and flow. But is was the result of cumulative efforts, consistent action, and more importantly unwavering confidence in myself, in the highs and in the lows. I’ve learned to flip the switch when negative beliefs creep up. I recognize when old fears come up, or when my brain goes into panic mode and tries to keep me safe. It’s not about making any of that wrong (because it happens to us all). It’s about being aware, recognizing the thoughts that don’t serve you, and stepping into the woman you want to be. Start making decisions like her and believing her success is already yours.


  1. I stopped worrying so much about what others thought and were doing and made a concerted effort to find my own message.


Wherever I could take things up a notch and make it more “me”, I did.


It’s not always easy to find your voice when you’re starting a new business. I found myself consuming content by the boatload, which sometimes killed my creativity and authenticity. There were so many other voices in my head. I began letting go of that, and went on a content detox, unsubscribing from dozens and dozens of newsletters. Every time I sat down to write my own content, I thought of my own stories, my own message. I thought about my audience and what they most needed right now. I thought about lessons I had recently learned and what was truly on my heart. In essence, I began sprinkling more of “me” everywhere I could. This meant I was able to attract perfect-fit client who really resonated with my background and stories, rather than being another coach regurgitating similar messages.


  1. I nailed my systems and automation.


I built a really great funnel I was proud of, that felt authentically me and shared lots of personal bits, and that consistently booked me with discovery calls. Before building a funnel, knowing your ideal client’s pain points and desires inside and out is key. You can’t make this up. This only comes by truly connecting with people, and actually beginning to work with them.


So connection and relationships will always be the foundation to automation. But once you have that in place, a sales funnel can be a great way to generate leads and get calls booked in on autopilot. Again, I was not afraid to get vulnerable and personal with my messaging across my email sequences. I knew exactly what my ideal clients wanted. I’d show them how I could get them there, through my own results, but also through testimonials and case studies of my clients’ results.


  1. I got really comfortable on discovery calls.


My conversion rate on calls also exploded, because I really started stepping into my power during discovery calls. I knew I was doing potential clients a disservice by not being there for them and talking them through resistance and objections. Rather than avoiding it and buying into their stories like I would in the past.


Part of this just came from experience. I no longer was nervous like I used to be on calls (trust me the first ones were really hard for me), and instead started seeming them as a simple opportunity to get to know somebody. To truly understand where they are at, what they are struggling with, and where they want to go. To see whether our personalities fit, which is important with 1:1 work.


I developed true confidence in my services and pricing. And I was able to handle objections because I know it’s my role to guide potential clients through this process, rather than avoiding it and buying into their stories. I’m zero pressure when it comes to sales. But I also don’t hesitate to dig deeper to understand what is really going on behind an objection. Often times fear – lack of confidence in themselves to make it happen or lack of confidence that I’m the right person to get them there – both of which are definitely possible to work through. That is why we are on the call in the first place.


My timeline between my first paying client and my first 5-figure month was very short (a few months). And whilst there is no secret sauce, nailing the elements outlined above was no doubt pivotal for me. If you want help in mapping out your own plan to build a business and reach 5-figure months with ease and through a compressed timeline, email and I’ll be in touch!

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