My Signature 1:1 Coaching Program

The one and only roadmap that allows you to redefine success, get crystal clear on your offering and niche, uncover your own voice – and master the art of bringing in consistent cash flow… even if you don’t know where to start.

 A 4 month, customized, step-by-step experience, where I share exactly what it takes to catapult you to the levels of success that even your wildest dreams don’t touch upon.

Hayley has a community of raving fans, is booking dream clients, and filling up her programs! 

“Marie helped me to get clear on my niche and ideal client and create a system to attract those clients. Together we created a new opt in, sales funnel, and rebranded my offers and website and launched a Facebook ad campaign. I even launched my own Facebook group and started doing regular live streams in there (something I was afraid to do before!).

With Marie’s support I more than doubled my email list, and started booking regular discovery calls with women who are aligned with my message. Thanks Marie!”

— Hayley Tapper, Success Mindset Coach, Canberra Australia 

Here is a selection of the topics we will cover across the customized 4-month program:
Redefine success on your own terms
  • Getting clear on your true desires and believing it’s possible for you
  • Designing your personal and financial freedom goals
  • Uncovering your money story and developing a new one
  • Overhauling limiting beliefs and creating unshakeable confidence
  • Programming your mind for success and shifting negative thoughts
  • Defining your Why, purpose, values, and vision
Business idea and model
  • Tapping into your unique existing skillset and experience
  • Finding a business model that lights you up and fits your dream lifestyle
  • Positioning yourself as an expert from the get-go
  • Attracting high-end clients who can’t wait to work with you
Ideal Client and Niche Clarity
  • Step by step market research process to get clear on who you are serving and what you are offering
  • Removing the guesswork when it comes to visibility and attracting clients who are waiting for exactly what you are offering
  • Finding your voice, getting clear on your messaging, and writing compelling copy
Personal Branding

(option to upgrade to Elite to have a brand style guide developed for you)

  • Developing premium aesthetics and consistent branding standards you are proud of
  • Discovering photography secrets and booking your first shoot
  • Putting together your unique story that sets you apart from the crowd
Your website

(option to upgrade to Elite to have a customized website done for you)

  • Step by step guidance and tutorials for designing and developing your own beautiful WordPress or Squarespace website (made easy even if you’re a total beginner)
  • Unleashing your copywriting skills to write direct response copy that converts
Your irresistible offering
  • Uncovering your unique value that differentiates you and gets client flocking to you
  • Designing your captivating programs and offerings
  • Charging your worth from the get go
Masterful Marketing
  • Developing a customized marketing plan with organic and paid strategies that fit your goals and preferences
  • Building your list to thousands of leads who cannot wait to buy from you
  • Leveraging social media to grow your audience and get your magnetic message across to thousands
  • Uncovering guest posting opportunities to build your list and up-level your expert status
  • Utilizing the power of video and mastering the art of connection
  • Hosting live trainings to get fully booked and sell out your offers
  • Creating content so your ideal clients cannot wait to hear from you
  • Nurturing your leads, developing a consistent email marketing plan, and ramping up your know-like-trust factor
  • Knowing your numbers so you understand what needs tweaking
Successful Sales
  • Attracting the right kind of people who are ready to invest NOW
  • Eradicating the selling sleaze and step into your confidence to sell in a way that feels authentic and natural
  • Supporting potential clients and overcoming objections without being pushy
  • Filling your programs and paid offers with ease
  • Working backwards to consistently achieve your financial goals each month
Systems and structures
  • Achieving a lead generation and client acquisition system on autopilot
  • Eliminating worry about where the next client is coming from
  • Achieving balance in your life so you can prioritize what matters most to you
  • Setting up all your high-converting tech pieces (including your optin, landing pages, CRM system)
  • Mastering Facebook ads to bring in consistent leads into your business, without any additional time spent
  • Implementing a high-converting sales funnel that books discovery calls and drives passive income sales on rinse and repeat
  • Outsourcing tasks that drain you and getting support (e.g. hiring a VA/ outsourcing your tech)
  • Achieving personal freedom without the overwhelm by systematizing processes, managing your time and priorities efficiently, and scheduling
  • Scaling your business and mapping out your future offers
Passive Income Streams
  • Diversifying your revenue by adding passive income streams
  • Earning like clockwork with no additional time of effort after set-up
  • Setting up a tripwire (or upfront low-cost offer) that will bring in $1000+ per month alone
  • Building and selling no-brainer offers
  • Putting together and successfully launching your digital course
  • Mapping up a product funnel plan to re-sign clients and increase loyalty

Elite Track Upgrade

In addition to my Signature program, you can opt to upgrade to the Elite track

We will cover all of the topics outlined above in my Signature Program

In addition, in partnership with my branding expert, working closely alongside you, you will receive done for you branding and a complete customized brand style guide

Elite Branding and customized brand style guide

  • Branding consultation with my branding expert
  • Development of a mood board
  • Colour palette
  • Font selection
  • Custom logo
  • Custom favicon
  • All put together in a brand style guide for consistent use across your online presence and for easy graphic and social media post creation

In partnership with my designer, you will also receive a done for you website: Custom mobile responsive website design and development

Elite Custom Website

  • A high-quality, mobile responsive Squarespace or WordPress website with responsive design
  • Up to 8 full pages (typically includes home, about, contact, general services, main program, policies, testimonials, and questionnaire)
  • Full template customization, including colors and fonts that match your brand
  • Integration with your CRM
  • Hosting/domain setup (linking your domain name to your new site)
  • You’ll receive fail-proof templates and guides for writing compelling copy for your site.
  • A one-hour working revision call to make live changes
  • A detailed tech training video (You’ll receive access to an extensive Tech Tutorials Library so you (or your VA) can continue to update and make changes once your site is finished
  • Plus incredible bonuses: 
  • Facebook Ads training: everything you need to know to set up and test your first Facebook Ad, along with troubleshooting tips and strategies to lower your cost per conversion – you’ll receive access to a Facebook Ads Self-Study Course
  • PDF Optin Creation: Opt-in PDF design from our in-house designer. Need your opt-in updated to match your new branding? A designer team will put this together for you.
  • Guided workbooks: You’ll receive custom-tailored, guided workbooks on crafting compelling copy for your website, including home page, about page, sales page, contact page, and testimonial page.

Kat built her entire business and booked her first client within 90 days! 

“At the start of this year I was determined to launch my own business. I signed up for TONS of opt ins and got utterly distracted by all the coaching noise. Marie was one of few coaches who stood out to me.
Working with Marie for 3 months was great – we started at ground zero with an initial idea for a coaching business (I’ve been coaching for 2 years but have never run my own business), worked on my ideal client, created a full marketing funnel and opt in. Marie gave me advice around web page platforms and CRM systems. I’d never heard of any of these things!  So within 2 months I had a full blown business ready for launch. 
Marie was particularly great on the website copy – she understood what I was trying to achieve and shared the structures that were working for her.
I was working with Marie when I onboarded my first high-end package client so I know her system works. 
I’d highly recommend her for anyone wanting to launch a business.”
Kat Hutchings, Career Coach, London 

4 Month Signature 1:1 Program Features

Access to my Signature Welcome Pack and pre-work before we hit the ground running

12 x 45 min coaching sessions, kicking off with a deep dive session to establish your exact goals and plan with key milestones for the next 4 months

1 monthly implementation week 

Clear action plan between session: Strategic Planning, access to workbooks, information sheets, templates, swipe files, and step-by-step tech tutorials

Unlimited email access and detailed review of your copy and work

Technical support (anything from connecting your optin to your email provider to setting up your Facebook ad!)

Done for you high-end branding and website with an expert branding specialist and website designer (Elite upgrade only)

Georgina build her entire online business and implemented marketing that allows her to thrive and attract clients on autopilot. 

“I had been following various coaches in a hope to connect with someone who could help me to set up my online coaching business. I was drawn to Marie because she was UK based and looked friendly and professional.
The minute I spoke to Marie on our discovery call I knew she was the person I wanted to work with! Marie blew me away with her online marketing knowledge and understood my needs exactly.
Our sessions were always productive and incredibly helpful. Marie would always provide additional instructions and has a wealth of ‘step by step’ information to share where required and is always at the end of an email to provide further support and guidance.
Her whole offer is amazing! Marie has helped me to create an online business from scratch to completion and provided me with the exact support and guidance that I was seeking.
Thank you so much Marie you are awesome! 
— Georgina Lynch, Life Coach & Mentor, Devon UK 
“Marie Lexa is the perfect example of what’s possible when you move past your fear and embrace your dreams.
Her passion and love for her clients is obvious — she goes above and beyond!
Hiring her will help you leave your 9-5 and move forward with the business you’ve always wanted.
Emily Williams, Leading Success Coach and Founder of I Heart My Life, London 
  • Working with Marie has proven to be an enriching process: by breaking down issues into clear strategic opportunities, she brings unique value add. Whenever facing difficult business decisions, Marie is always someone I can turn to for honest and decisive advice. Exchanging opinions, ideas or setbacks with her lead to such constructive conversations which aided me in bringing clarity to my thoughts and a direction to my objectives. I confidently recommend her to anyone aiming to turn their passions into viable ventures.

    Claire London
  • With Marie I gained confidence to move forward in my business. Marie walked me through specific action steps and expansion tactics that I could easily implement right away to see immediate traction and expansion online. By showing me how to take action quickly, and in bite-size segments, Marie helped me get over overwhelm and start taking big strides forward.

    Camilla Denver
  • Marie has been a key player in my professional and personal development recently. Very few are able to dive so deeply into my concerns, understand them so well and give such actionable advice. Her maturity, impartiality and reliability make her a extremely valuable person to share opinions and questions with. I was impressed with the quick results I got, as well as her responsibility and dedication while working with me and I could not recommend her more.

    Geraldine London

 Why Work With Me?

Bio/ Credentials

  • Bsc International Business (1st class honours) from Warwick Business School (Ranked #2 University for Business in the UK)

  • Masters in Management from London Business School (Ranked top business school in Europe by the Financial Times)

  • Specialisation in entrepreneurship, coaching, and marketing (digital marketing in particular) across my business education and experience

  • Strategy consulting experience includes digital marketing strategy / lead generation/ due diligence/ strategy for private equity and FTSE 100 clients

  • Training, programs, and 1:1 work with the leaders in the industry (including Emily Williams, Marie Forleo, Amy Porterfield, Selena Soo, Stephanie Nickolich, Lauren Vanessa Zink, Dani Watson, Jacqueline Hurst and more)

  • … But more importantly, I have helped dozens of women turn their dream into reality and am truly passionate about making yours happen too

  • Free 30 min Clarity Call

    To assess whether we are a good fit and answer any questions you may have

  • Deep dive session

    To define your exact goals and establish our game plan with key milestones

  • Weekly Coaching sessions

    To implement the plan through step-by-step guidance and assistance

  • Action plan between sessions

    Homework, worksheets, and online courses to complete as required

  • Unlimited email support

    To answer any questions and support you along your journey

Not Yet Convinced?

Answers to the most common questions I get asked:

Is this for me if I’m not a coach?

Of course! My 4 month program is for anybody who wants to create an online service based business – whether that is done for you services, coaching, consulting, passive income models. So many traditional business models are now taken online – and pretty much any kind of expertise or skill set can be packaged and leveraged into a thriving online business.  

Is this for me if I’m not currently in a corporate job?

Yes – my 4 month day program is for you if you want to get your online service based business off the ground. You don’t have to be in a 9-5 or in corporate, and you never have to have been in that space. Whether you’re a freelancer, a stay-at-home-Mom, already a full-time entrepreneur, or not working at all, this program is going to show you all you need to take your vision and transform it to reality whilst you build a thriving online business and abundant lifestyle.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, payment plans are available.

Why can’t I do this on my own?

You could – but probably would end up taking a long detour attempting to piece all the bits together – which will involve a lot of frustration and overwhelm. I’m giving you my tried and true system and years of experience (including business school degrees, strategy consulting experience helping multinational companies grow; and more importantly my work with leaders in this industry and my experience helping dozens of women get the results they want and get their dream business off the ground).

How quickly will I see results and make money?

Your results and financial success depend entirely on the action you take. I cannot promise that you’ll make a certain amount of money in a specific amount of time, because everybody is unique. However, all my clients that implement the work see results quickly. I’ll give you a tried and true system to take your business from non-existent to 6 figures, but you have to put in the work yourself. You’ll get what you put in.

Is this for me if I don’t know what my business idea is yet?

Yes, that is no problem – many of my clients start here. I will work closely alongside you to get clarity on your business idea and offering, and to launch and grow that business. Everyone (and that includes you) has skills that others are willing to pay for.

Any more questions? Just reach out via the Contact Form or at and we will get back to you asap!

My 4 month program will equip you with everything you need to get your online business off the ground. We will cover mindset blocks, proven step-by-step strategy, result-driven tactics completely tailored to you and your needs. I will be by your side every step of the way to ensure you get to where you want during our time together.

Ready to build a thriving business that supports your dream vision for personal and financial freedom?

Rachel launched her business, filled a group workshop, and got her first high-end paying client. 

“Working with Marie was one of the best decisions I made when starting my business. At first I found it very challenging to do the mindset work but Marie was very understanding and supportive.
After a few weeks I felt a lot more confident about the program that I was going to offer new clients and about how much value it provided. It has been great to know that Marie is only an email away and she always replies quickly to any messages.
In the course of 90 days I registered my business, created my website and achieved my goal of signing my first paying client! I have also run a successful workshop in collaboration with a local yoga studio, which we have received amazing feedback on.
Marie has helped me to launch and grow my business as a premium service and I am excited for what the future holds.”
— Rachel Evans, Behaviour Change Psychologist, UK