Guest Post: Using The Law Of Circulation To Create A Meaningful Life And Business

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“All you have shall some day be given; Therefore give now, that the season of giving may be yours and not your inheritors.” ~ Kahil Gabrain

The Law of Circulation is the flow of energy that we put out into the world. Its the belief that what we give is what we can expect to receive. I believe that to build a meaningful creative life that will achieve wealth and abundance, we have to first start with our own energy and vibration.

If the seeds we sow are driven solely by money and our own goals, we can expect to attract people and circumstances into our lives that are just as self-serving but when we place more worth on giving selflessly and generously we can expect our efforts to attract those types of people and results. We are what we attract.

The Law of Circulation is leading from a space of helping others for the pure joy of giving. It raises our vibration. Leading from a place of need, fear and scarcity attracts the same type of energy into our space. The Law of Circulation is a soul centered flow putting passion, purpose and people over profit.  Its firmly believing with every part of our being that opportunity and wealth will be an organic by product of the selfless energy we gift into the world.

If The Law of Circulation is a new concept for you, here is a 3 step challenge you can use to create a more meaningful life and business:

Law of Circulation Challenge Step 1

Wherever you go today and whomever you encounter, give them a gift. That gift could be a compliment, a word of encouragement, a flower, an affirmation or a prayer. A simple act of kindness can not only turn the recipient’s day completely around but it usually creates a ripple effect continuing from person to person. It travels far beyond what we personally witness but the energy that we created always finds its way back to us.

Affirmation: “Today, I will live with intention and selflessly give something to everyone I come into contact with. I will begin the process of circulating joy, wealth and abundance in the lives of others that will circulate back into my own life”.

Law of Circulation Challenge Step 2

We can get so caught up in our needs, our wants, our goals that our energy can flow from a desperate self centered place. Abundance is a mental state. Your bank account can be empty and you can still live abundantly. Believing you are abundant attracts more abundance. Practicing gratitude is a powerful way to feel more abundant. Being grateful for what you do have in this moment. Meaningful relationships, health, the gift of another day. We just need to slow down long enough to see the beauty and blessings around us. To be thankful for all the beautiful things going right in your life and less focus on what is not.

Affirmation: “Today I will slow down to gratefully acknowledge all the gifts that life has given to me. I will receive the gifts of nature. Sunlight, the sound of a bird singing, a flower in bloom. I will show gratitude for the gifts I currently have. A warm bed, hot water, a comfortable pair of shoes, a running vehicle, a trust worthy friend, a hug from a child. I stand in the belief that my genuine gratitude will attract more blessings into my life.”

Law Of Circulation Challenge Step 3

The “secret” to increasing the Law of Circulation is to own your worth and trust in YOU. When you have the courage to take risks, to know you have what it takes to create more in your life, you can let go of what no longer serves you. The way to build that level of trust in yourself is to honor and value your unique gifts and talents. To believe from the depths of your core that your work matters, that you can make a difference.

As you feel more confident in who you are, you can let go of the need for others to approve of you. You are free to embrace and love your authentic self. You open yourself to freely give and receive, to declutter your life from toxic energy on all levels. You will trust that you are worthy to have relationships, a life that you will thrive in, quality clients to work with and more monetary blessings to show for it. You will open the flood gates that powerfully contribute to the flow of the Law of Circulation in your life.

Affirmation: “I am living my life on purpose and my passion is lighting the way. I love myself enough to let go of what no longer serves me.”

The best way to start putting this into practice is to journal. Write down your passions and desires. Allow yourself to freely dream and dream big without limits. Anything that comes up during this process that does not serve you like limiting beliefs and negative self talk, you can write those down on small slips of paper and do something ceremonial like throwing them in the trash or burning them to help you let go of these thoughts. Replace them with new affirmations and positive statements.

Refer to this exercise every day. In the morning for example as a way to start your day with inspiring, motivating thoughts or in the evenings as a way to wind down and close out your day on a positive note. To create a constant daily flow of circulation in your life, combine the principals of step 1, step 2 and step 3 of the challenge together into a ritual that you commit to practicing every single day and watch your life become a magnet for miracles.

This post was written by Business Branding Expert April Williams from Creative Brandista – check it out for truly inspiring content and tips. 

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