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The essence of YOU


Your about page is the chance for your audience to get to know you, learn about your past, your struggles, and your story. You are your brand, so your about page really needs to capture the essence of who you are and entice readers curiosity to find out even more.

Your reader will invest in you, not just the services you provide. The more you resonate with them and the more they care about YOU, the better. Build that trust by letting them in on small details of your life, on interesting facts, on how you got started. This is your time to tell your story, your passions, your values. Bring out the real you and stay authentic to your voice and message. Do not fall for the mistake that everything needs to look perfect, that you need to appear as though you’ve had it together for your entire life and been clear on your path forever. The most successful entrepreneurs have had their fair share of struggles to get where they are, and in fact overcoming adversity is one of the best ways to have breakthroughs and reach new levels of success. People love reading about a background where you’ve struggled, been lost, been miserable, and see how you have overcome that. They might well relate to where you were at, and aspire to be where you are now – in which case you are the best person to help them on that journey, whether it be weight loss, starting a business, overhauling their branding and design, strengthening your mindset, or overcoming a major life challenge.

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Made for your target audience


Beyond the basics like your name and clear title, make sure you are addressing your target audience. You want your reader to feel like you are speaking directly to them. If you are capable of capturing some pain points they may be going through and actually talk them through them chances are they will get on board a lot more easily and it will spark their curiosity to find out more. Reassure your ideal client that they are in the right place, that you can relate to them, that you can help them. A good way to do this is to ask specific questions: Are you feeling like X? Do you want to achieve Y? Are you dreaming about Z? Take them on a journey with you, let their imagination and dreams start flowing.

Build your credibility by outlining your experience, detailing what results you have gotten in the past and what is achievable for somebody who would choose to work with you now. Investing in someone is an emotional decision, so you want to be able to convey not only what results to expect, but also what benefits come with those results and what feelings and even lifestyle is associated with those benefits.

Leading to a call to action


Your about page can also be the gateway to another action or another part of your website. If they like what they are reading, chances are they will want to find out more, and perhaps enquire about working with you. You could therefore redirect them to your sales page, or prompt them to download your lead magnet, or check out your latest blog post. Invite them to explore everything you have to offer.

From a design perspective, make sure you use professional looking photos, make the copy attractive by breaking it down into short paragraphs, alternating the type of font, making some sections bold, breaking it up regularly with graphics. Infuse the look with your brand, and make sure your brand stands apart and is a good representation of you and the lifestyle you embody.

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