Your path to clarity!

Do you really want something?

Then you need to commit by taking the next steps.

You may have heard Marie Forleo’s quote before “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought”.  This is absolutely true.

My business started as a passion project, an Instagram account sharing inspiration and musings. I had no idea where I was going, who I was targeting or even less how I would monetize my ideas.  But just starting somewhere, aside from being extremely fulfilling, help me clarify and move closer to my dreams. 

Cutting my teeth opened a whole new set of opportunities and learning paths. I discovered fields of entrepreneurship I had not encountered before.  My audience grew and when I finally did refine my business and could monetize, I had an engaged community who truly connected with my message waiting for me and ready to buy.

Feeling stuck?

I know from experience how easy it is to get stuck in a rut of over-planning and over-analyzing. The only way to put thoughts into action is to step aside, stop overthinking, and move forward.

Fear is normal. 

The point is, don’t resist it or beat yourself up.  Fear serves to make you stronger. You have the power to create your reality, and that starts with shifting from thoughts and stepping into action.


“Trust me, fear will always show up – especially when you’re trying to be inventive or innovative. Your fear will always be triggered by your creativity because creativity asks you to enter into realms of uncertain outcome, and fear hates uncertain outcomes.” – Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert


Actions steps you can take right now:

>>> Set yourself non-negotiable actions, i.e. the next steps you need to take to progress.  They could be market research calls, reaching out and making new business connections, picking a marketing strategy and showing up consistently.

>>> Set deadlines for your actions and their completion. We sometimes need radical change to make real leaps of progress. You may need to set a clear deadline, such as when you will actually leave your job, to push yourself into taking action and the necessary steps.

>>> Ask yourself: What money is going to come from the actions you take? Don’t hide behind creating your logo or re-writing your website copy for the fifth time, that’s procrastination.  Avoid those tasks that take you away from your goals. Make sure each action is specific and directly related to your goal, that may mean facing the fear

>>> Share for accountability: discuss your actions with a mastermind buddy, an accountability partner, a mentor, or your coach. You want all the support you can get and someone who will make sure things get done, even when it gets tough!

Your thoughts can be the biggest thing holding you back, but can also be the most powerful tool to make your dreams come true. They create your reality, so make sure you take care of them and allow yourself to take action. 




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